How to Apply Vinyl Stickers

1) Always clean surface thoroughly before application.

2) Some designs require transfer tape, and some don’t. For stickers without transfer tape, simply peel backing away and apply from the middle spreading outwards. The only thing to worry about is bubbles. If there are bubbles, use a fine needle to poke it, and then push the air out from the hole.

3) For using transfer tape, the decal has to come off from the backing onto the transfer tape. For any part of the decal that is not sticking to the tape, push on the backing the tape with fingertips. Usually the pressure of fingertips pushing is sufficient to coax the decal off the backing onto the tape.

4) Apply transfer tape with the decal onto the application surface, spread from the middle outwards or from 1 end to the other. Rub on transfer tape, so that the decal will stick better on surface. Peel away the transfer tape gently.

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